So it starts like this.

You’re busy perusing <insert forum here> looking for the next big mover. You know, that project that links every blockchain together, eats BTC for breakfast, and makes you Ser Chad the Whale, first of his name, bringer of generational wealth.

“If I can just get there first…” you continue to whisper silently to yourself.

But wait.

Your eyes widen. Your pupils dilate.

There. It. Is.

A deflationary token with 86,000% APY, an absolute world-changer. Sporting a .00000000012 …

“DeFi is essential, but it has a lot of flaws. It is flourished by human greed.”

These chilling words tickled the spines of many a spurned investor as they digested this warning.

In the same digital breath, Jamboo, the anonymous tag of the self-proclaimed developer of Meerkat Finance, tweeted that the $31 million stolen from users through the DeFi project was all part of some twisted social experiment, designed to “test user greed and subjectivity.”

Meant only as a supposed takedown of “ape” culture in crypto, a culture characterized by research-free speculative investing with expectations of massive and immediate gains…


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