EverRise Announces Dessert Finance as the Official KYC Partner of EverOwn

In an effort to bring further security and transparency to the blockchain, Dessert Finance is pleased to announce that we are partnering with EverRise to become their official KYC partner for EverOwn. Moving forward projects onboarding with EverOwn will be required to be doxxed publicly or with us through DessertDoxxed.

Dessert will be recommending projects move forward with EverOwn instead of renouncing contract ownership. Generally, renouncing ownership is seen by community participants as a sign of trust but unfortunately, as we’ve seen time and time again this ends up hindering the development of many projects. Bugs can be uncovered and new exploits can be found. Without the ability to patch these issues projects are ultimately leaving themselves vulnerable to attack or in a position where they need to repetitively re-launch to a new contract address hindering project growth.

EverOwn fixes this issue by holding and locking the contract within the decentralized application (dApp) on behalf of the community. If something needs to be changed or a problem needs to be fixed, the owner can unlock the contract and get the ownership back with a community vote. Another advantage of transferring ownership to the EverOwn contract is that any new liquidity generated will be auto-assigned to the EverOwn contract. This allows the owners to build trust within their communities, providing assurance that the newly generated liquidity tokens (not subject to the initial liquidity lock) are locked in the EverOwn contract, preventing a liquidity drain.

Participating in EverOwn will bring an end to unintentionally dead contracts and premature renouncements, and thus contribute to projects’ longevity.

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